• Titanium Surface Anti-Scratch Floor
  • Titanium Surface Anti-Scratch Floor

Titanium Finish Bamboo Flooring

ZHUTAO® Titanium Finish Bamboo Flooring: The Scratches are considered as a common issue in the bamboo flooring market. Titanium Finish Bamboo Flooring provides unsurpassed abrasion resistance with extremely high hardness. Apparently, this is able to resolve scratches issue on the surface of the bamboo floor.

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    ‘Zhutao’ titanium face anti-scratch technology thoroughly solves the inability of anti-scratch of traditional floors. We conducted a test on titanium face anti-scratch floor and traditional floor using international professional anti-scratch test pen with the same force. The results show that there is obvious scratch in traditional floor while there is basically no scratch in “Zhutao” titanium anti-scratch floor.